Lake Lecco

The Manzonian itinerary

Lecco is a city situated on the southeastern branch of Lake Como, where the lake meets the majestic Orobian Pre-Alps. It has a rich history that dates back to the Middle Ages, and its historic town center boasts elegant buildings from the nineteenth-century and neoclassical periods, such as the Palazzo delle Paure. Lecco is also known as ‘that branch of Lake Como‘, a phrase that refers to its prominent role in the famous Italian historical novel – The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni, which features several locations in and around the city.

Lecco offers a splendid view of the lake and the mountains, especially from its picturesque lakeside promenade, where visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk among the trees. Lecco is easily accessible by train from Milan, and it is also connected to other popular towns (Varenna, Colico, etc.,) on the eastern shore of the lake. In addition, there are public boat services that operate between Lecco, Bellagio and Varenna during the summer season.

Lecco’s lakeside promenade

Lecco’s lakeside promenade is one of the longest and most beautiful in Lake Como. It offers a panoramic view of the clear water, the majestic mountains and the charming town. Along the promenade, you can see the Lecco port, the Orobie Alps and the Larian Triangle, a natural wonder formed by the branches of Lake Como. You can also admire the historical buildings of Lecco, which reflect its rich cultural heritage. One of the highlights of the promenade is the golden statue of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Lecco and the origin of Santa Claus. He stands on a point on the lake, blessing the city and its people.

Manzonian places

One of the most renowned Italian writers of all time, Alessandro Manzoni, left a lasting legacy with his historical novel – The Betrothed. This epic tale of love, faith and adversity is set in the scenic surroundings of Lecco, a town on the eastern shore of Lake Como. Manzoni’s vivid descriptions of the landscape and the culture of Lecco have made it a popular destination for literary tourists and admirers of his work. The Betrothed is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Italian literature and a cornerstone of the national identity.


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