Alessandro Volta statue

The Statue of Alessandro Volta, located in the picturesque city of Como, Italy, stands as a marble tribute to the revered physicist and pioneer of electricity. Inaugurated in 1838, this masterpiece was sculpted by Pompeo Marchesi, a student of the illustrious Antonio Canova. The statue is set upon a base crafted by Francesco Durelli, which bears the simple yet profound inscription “A Volta – La Patria” (To Volta – The Nation), signifying the nation’s pride and gratitude towards Volta’s contributions. The statue is situated in Piazza Volta, a public square named in honor of Alessandro Volta, reflecting the city’s deep respect for its distinguished inhabitant. The monument not only celebrates Volta’s scientific achievements but also serves as a reminder of the enduring legacy of a man whose work laid the foundation for the modern understanding of electricity. Visitors to Como can view this historic statue at any time, as it is always accessible to the public, symbolizing the timeless nature of Volta’s impact on science and society.

Piazza Alessandro Volta
Como 22100 Lombardia IT
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